Taking the Pre-made Food industry from 1 to 100 in LATAM

Our one-stop solution for food manufacturers streamlines sales and logistics, helping them to grow exponentially across multiple sales channels.

Are you a food producer?


Our goal

We're the one-stop solution that allows local products to reach the market, enabling producers to achieve exponential growth.

We are the highway for exponential growth.

The first integrated sales and logistic service that enables producers to grow exponentially in multiple sales channels.

Our Model

Building an open book business model, we’re not your provider we’re your partner.

Working in-house as your exponential enabler.

Direct operational costs are open and transparently charged to producers.

We charge a 10% toll for using our highway.

How does our highway work?

Vertical integrated

Sales , logistics and trade marketing for first time in one same place.

Focused on new and high growing sales channels

Convenience, fast delivery, hard discounts without missing traditional channels.

Exclusively for food products that require cold chain

Frozen or refrigerated.

Tech enabled and automated

Building end to end ERP solution.


See how the highway works

Maximize your sales potential and optimize your operations with our integrated sales and logistics service, tailored to help producers succeed in multiple channels.

Sales channels

Fast Deliveries companies, Convenience stores, Pharmacies, Retailers, Dark stores, D2C, Foody Market.


Fulfillment and micro fulfillment centers, Cold supply chain, 24 hours lead time to delivery. Dedicated logistics coordinator. Real-time cost calculator.

Included On-top Services

Sell-in management, trade-Marketing for every sales channel, invoicing, and inventory management.

Take your business to the next level.

Start growing today and launch your product onto the market.

Be our next
success story like them!

From 0 sales in Colombia to 150.000 USD / Month in 60 days.

Santiago Espinosa

Formerly Co-founder & CEO of enlau.co (the first and largest university marketplace in the region, reaching +150.000 users)

Mateo Cárdenas

Formerly Co-founder and CEO of Delirato (the first cloud kitchen chain in Colombia back in 2017). +7 locations.

Our Management Board

Our dream is to contribute to developing the pre-made food industry in LATAM so we all can have a better and healthier life.

Now we are creating the largest food highway on the region.

Be our next success story

Focus on production, we will focus on your growth